Logo letter

Canon is the name of a company which manufactures printer, scanner, and camera with high quality according to the need of the customer. If we talk about the performance of canon printer it is good in performance and Capability of printing of canon printer is good then another printer.


The user also faces many problems during use of the printer and some issues lets discuss below. The greatest reason is that Canon printer is easy to carry because it’s small in size and required less space. Canon printers available in many different-different models and its categorized according to series.

1. I series

There are many categories in I-series printer i-70, i-80, i-90.and most thing is that all I-series printers use BCI-15 and BCI-15 color ink cartridges and for the special photo i-80 and i-90 also can use ink cartridges BCI-16 color. For the in-series printer, there is no scanner option is available .it is available in BJC-series printers only. I-series uses LB-51 li-lon battery and battery kit of LK-51 which consists of the housing which attaches to the back plate of the printer by using two screws.

2. BJC-series

If we talk about the BJC-series printer, BJC-series printer has a container which holds the ink. There is two type of BJC-printer one is that which holds only single and larger black ink cartridge and another one is holding the both smaller black ink cartridge and larger tricolor ink cartridge. BC-11 prints the black and colors both and BC-10 printer prints color only. All BJC-series printers use BJC-50 and BJC-55 battery both are built in li-long.


Issues in printer faces by the users


There are many issues faces by the user during the use of the printer. When printer is not proper printing there are following reasons Lack of proper power to the printer. Lack of connection to the computer. Short of paper in printer Lack of ink and cartridge.


How to resolve these issues


Before the use of the printer make sure that the following things if our printer is not printing properly. Proper electricity provided to the printer. The Proper connection must be established between computer and printer either it cable or wireless .printer must have some paper. And the most impotent thing is that to check before the use of printer must have ink and cartridge .we all know that is a machine so proper care and maintenance is also for proper work of the printer


For any Canon Printer Issue just inform us at Canon Printer Support Number. And if you don't know how to refill Canon Printer Just visit https://canonsupportnumber.org/refill-canon-printers-ink/