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Fixes of Dell Printers

Whether it is an official printer or domestic printer, the term we are familiar with is the “printing machine” that prints on a paper. Never has someone thought about the manual fixes in printers. It is the high time to save your money by fixing yourself.  

Fixes Common Issues  

  • Jammed Paper- Do not play with a front tray if you encounter this issue. First, turn off the power and try to remove protective material attached to the transport unit. Now, push the lever to open transport unit and pull the jammed page delicately. Do not pull the paper forcefully as it might damage your machine. Give the final touch by closing transport unit and turn on the power.  You could also try another way by just switching off and on the power. 
  • Drivers Corruption- Outdated drivers show incompetency while taking command from your PC. So, when your printer is unable to produce any page then this could be one of the reasons. This issue could be fixed by installing updated drivers. Sometimes, this might also appear even if you have updated your drivers, in such case, the updated drivers are not compatible with the current PC Windows. Switch to another Windows. The most extreme case is when you have updated your Windows as well as drivers. In this uncalled stage, seek support from Dell Support Number. 
  • Ink in the InkjetThe erroneous message reads as “Low Ink” might be a trick for you. Do not hustle to buy a new Ink Cartridge. Check the “Ink Cartridge” first, and yes, do not shake the cartridge as it would help you at the least. If there is no ink left in the Cartridge then go and buy a new one. Otherwise, detach the Cartridge and fix it again. 
  • Unable to connect to the printer- If you have connected to the printer before, flawlessly, and facing this problem. Then “Restart” your computer. Remember the word “Restart” not “Shut down.” Check for missing files too, if any driver file is missing, then, be ready to face setbacks. Now, reinstall the drivers to throw the setbacks.     


Alternative way to Fix Issues 

If there are any technical issues crops up on the path of manual fixes, then you would need to contact Dell Customer Service. It might happen if do not adhere to some basic instructions written in your instruction book. So, while attempting fixes, be careful to the instructions.