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Bit-defender Vs Norton antivirus

There are many Anti-viruses in which some are good in terms of boosting, and some of the solutions keep their promises. If we take the case of antivirus solutions it makes sense when it comes to protecting a pc in the best manner. Both Norton and bit- defender are the name which you will never miss, both the software is compelling so that people get confused if they will pick from this duo.  

Here a depth comparison of bit defender and Norton based on the factors like usability, pricing, availability of features etc. you may get appropriate package according to your requirement. 

About Bit- defender and Norton antivirus 

 Bit- defender has itself as a most famous name in terms of protecting devices that may run on different platforms. It is founded in 2001 the company has experience of more than 16 years experience. You can count on bit defender algorithm just for detecting malicious staff. Bit- defender is the biggest security suite in term of claim just to power more than 500 million devices. Bit- defender had impressive expansion from antivirus scenario. It offers protection suites for the internet. 

Norton is from Symantec corporation which is experienced developer of security suites from ago of the year. First Norton antivirus was launched in 1991, from that time Norton has been used by home users as well as professionals just to protect the different device from threats.  Norton has wider inventory in term of internet security packages including both standard security and web security.  


Device coverage 

In terms of device coverage bit, the defender is not as good as Norton. Norton security package is available for windows, android, IOS, and Mac. That’s why it is going to have a stream lined level of protection in all your platforms. In bit defender, mobile security suites are only available for the android user only. If you want multi device support you can go with Norton. 


Performance and impact on speed 

In terms of detecting and removing malicious stuff Bit- defender solution performs quite well. When it combined with the best algorithms you will get the best performance in terms of scanning. For automated protection bit- defender provides some best options. Resource assumption is comparatively higher as compared to Norton. Bit- defender is best in terms of its performance. 


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If you have any problem while installing Norton antivirus just visit Norton Support center.